There are no more cables to operate or strings that get tangled up. Control them with one click to protect your privacy and the sun's rays.

Motorises your curtains simply with an electric curtain track.It is available with a central or side opening and blends in discreetly into your design.
Create your decor and ambiance and switch to the connected home

Electronic Limit: This motor with electronic limit, no need to set the limit position by hand, it greatly shortens the debugging time. The electronic limit function can automatically delete the limit difference of each day and keep the precise limit position for a long time.

Resistance and stop function: When you use hand to pull the opening or closing curtain, the curtain will automatically stop if meet resistance.

Power on and power off - Manual Function: When the power is off, just do as we do to a common manual operated curtain, we can lightly pull the curtain to open and close.




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